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Room Tools provide all features an acoustic measurement systems needs. Get a first view about the impulse in the time domain and save up to 20 plots in overlays for comparison. You can easily zoom and scroll to see all details of the measurement. Distances are displayed in meters and ms to support you in adjusting delays.

The frequency domain also gives you 20 overlays which can be labeled and changed in colour. Also you have adjustable parameters for smoothing and view control. A virtual EQ allows you to simulate the mesurement result using filters before physically doing that.

waterfall4_tnThe waterfall display shows up to nine free scalable and rotatable waterfalls for 3D analysis. The rotation is real time and makes it delighting to work with waterfalls.

Detailed information about acoustic data you get in the acoustics domain. You can set thirds or octaves as main parameter, for every band you can analyse Schroeder, ETC, RT60 and many else. In addition you have access to STI analysis and ratings.

The guideline conforming RTA canbe calibrated and allows long time SPL documentation. You can adjust integration time and weightings..

mtf_tnIn general Room Tools have very extensive import and export features using standard Windows interfaces. All plots and data can be exported for further processings.

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